Connected Commerce from Stocksquare - Your partner for Ship-from-Store 

Stationary or eCommerce? With us there is no or but an AND!

Stocksquare is the omnichannel connector and supports retailers in making stationary assortments accessible across locations via ship-from-store on online marketplaces.  Thus, Stocksquare successfully connects two worlds of commerce - eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail.

Your advantages with Stocksquare

Show your stationary assortment online and inspire millions of new customers with your products!

Take advantage of the sales potential through newfound reach!

Increase your space productivity with Ship-From-Store!


With us, you can easily link your stationary retail products with online marketplaces. Not only can you delight millions of new customers with your product range, you can also send marketplace orders directly from the store. 

The intelligent omnichannel solution links different systems, enabling a quick and easy connection between online and offline:

Services of our Omnichannel-solution

  • Data mapping of the product master data to the search criteria of the marketplaces
  • Automated inventory synchronization with merchandise management systems (single point of truth)
  • Intuitive in-store front-end enables fast and time-efficient processing in the store
  • EAN matching via product data from content platforms, including Fashioncloud & Co.
  • Omnichannel order routing enables cross-site routing and cost-efficient fullfillment from the store and/or warehouse
  • Marketplace consulting to match your assortment


Stocksquare relies on many years of expertise to develop services that really move you forward as a retailer and offer you real added value.