Selling together!

  • 11.7 million active customers
  • Fair fee system
  • Up to 35 orders a second
  • Easily sell products online

Selling together!

  • 11.7 million active customers
  • Fair fee system
  • Up to 35 orders a second
  • Easily sell products online

Sell successfully with OTTO Market

Are you looking for a reputable trading platform for retailers with a wide reach, clear retailer criteria and a fair fee system? Perfect! You need look no further. We would like to welcome you to as a retailer and are certain that we’re the right marketplace in Germany for you. Selling should not be complicated – after all, you should be able to concentrate completely on your business. That is why we want to position OTTO Market as the best online marketplace in Germany. We are not only building a fair trading platform for retailers, but also one that is easily accessible at all times. Quality is our top priority, which is why we are currently still processing all enquiries individually.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Selling should not be complicated: That's why we would like to introduce our marketplace OTTO Market in this webinar and show you step by step how to become a seller at OTTO. Please note, that the webinar is in German only. The participation is free and anonymous.


The webinar takes place on 26.04.2024 from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m


You can register here

How OTTO Market works

Our criteria for retailers

A few things first: not just anybody can join the platform. It may seem strict at first, but it’s due to an important principle: At, we only offer our customers products that we would buy ourselves. We hold our retailers to the same standards of quality, which ultimately benefits you! You will benefit from the high standards of, for example, product data management. You will be more readily discoverable in our on-site search and have a greater opportunity to convert customers – resulting in more sales for you!


You have a business in Germany with a German legal form and a German tax ID (small businesses are excluded according to § 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act))

You present yourself as the retailer to end customers

You offer customer service in German

You dispatch from a German warehouse

Fee & Commission 

The monthly basic fee is € 39.90 regardless of the number of products you offer. The basic fee applies after you have concluded the contract with us and you are technically able to sell products on The contract can be terminated at any time with one month's notice to the end of the month. 
In line with all commercial trading platforms, you will also pay a commission for each item sold which is determined by the product group. For more detailed information about each product group and the level of commission that applies to them, see the assortment overview.


How you benefit on

Why you should join OTTO Market

A partnership for success

Thanks to our decades of experience as a retailer, we know the challenges you face in everyday business. We asked ourselves the question “How can I sell online?” a long time ago. And you can benefit from everything we have learnt when answering the question.

That’s why we want to make selling on as easy and convenient as possible for you. You’re not the competition – you’re our partner. You are essential in allowing us to expand our product range with our sights set on shared, long-term success. That’s why we interact with you on an equal footing, offering one of Germany’s fairest online marketplaces for e-commerce to achieve your sales targets.

With our criteria and benefits, we want to clearly differentiate ourselves from other marketplaces in Germany.

Are we a good fit?

If you’re not sure we’re the right platform for your goals, we have a brief check list for you. Find out if your products are a good match for us.

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A large number of product groups from a variety of product ranges can already be offered via the marketplace. 

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Sustainable production, fair conditions and trading transparently are the cornerstones of OTTO. Learn how you as a retailer can benefit.

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OTTO Partner Connect

OTTO Partner Connect is the partner portal providing the ideal opportunity to sell your products to your customers and stay on top of things.

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We offer various services related to marketing, article-related services and analytics, and more are being added constantly.

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