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FAQ Section


What requirements must I meet to be able to sell on

You must have a German corporate legal form, a German VAT ID, act as a seller to end customers, offer a German-speaking  customer service and dispatch your goods from a German warehouse. Small businesses are excluded according to § 19 UStG. 

Which products can I offer?

Currently, you can offer products from the following product ranges:


  • Drugstore: beauty, drugstore & supplements
  • Electronics & Media: office supplies, electronics, major domestic appliances, home appliances, small kitchen appliances, personal care appliances and technology accessories
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: clothing (incl. accessories), luggage & bags, jewellery, footwear and watches
  • Furniture & Living: kitchen & household goods, lamps & lighting, mattresses & bedding accesories, furniture, rugs, window shades & curtains, home accessories & decoration and home textiles
  • Garden & DIY: bathroom, DIY, electrical appliances, garden, small hardware, pet supplies and tools & machinery
  • Health: This includes products from the area of everyday medical aids
  • Sports & Leisure: baby accessories, craft, e-bikes, childrens furniture & mobility, musical instruments, toys, sports equipment & outdoor and bicycles & bicycle equipment

For a detailed overview of which products you can already offer on OTTO Market and which ranges we do not yet offer please have a look at the assortment overview.  

Which products am I not permitted to offer?

It is prohibited to sell sand-blasted textiles and products containing Uzbeck cotton or real fur. Also banned are products containing angora wool from angora rabbits or mohair from angora goats. Furthermore, the sale of fluorescent tubes containing mercury, as well as products in which they are incorporated, is not allowed. 
We also have special requirements for products made using leather and hides, feathers and down, wool, tropical timber and endangered wood species.

You can find more information here:

List of prohibited products and Business Partner Declaration on Sustainability


Currently, it is also not possible to offer products from all of the product ranges. These will be activated gradually over time. For a detailed overview of which products you can already offer on OTTO Market and which ranges we do not yet offer please have a look at the assortment overview.  

What fees are incurred if I want to sell on

The applicable fees consist of a monthly basic fee and a percentage sales fee (commission) and are each incurred plus the applicable sales tax. The basic fee is due after you have concluded the contract with us and you are technically able to sell products on The contract can be terminated at any time with one month's notice to the end of the month.


Monthly basic fee:

The monthly basic fee of €39.90 will be charged for the first time in the first part of the following month after the marketplace activity has been technically enabled. This means that it will be charged as soon as you are technically able to sell products on - regardless of whether and how many products have already been added. You will be invoiced for the basic fee plus VAT. OTTO-Payments will deduct it from your sales credit or a direct debit will take place.


Percentage sales fee (commission): 

In addition, you pay a standard market commission for each successfully sold product, which is determined by assortment, as well as a payment fee of 2.3%. An overview of the product groups with the respective applicable total commission can be found in the assortment overview. The commission is based on the sales price (incl. VAT) and the shipping costs (incl. VAT). You will be invoiced for this commission plus VAT on a weekly basis, and OTTO-Payments will deduct it from your sales credit.


I registered as an interested party. Why am I not getting my login details yet?

We are gradually opening up the marketplace to new partners and examining all inquiries personally and in detail. Why? We would first like to observe the technical processes very closely in order to be able to carry out optimizations immediately. After a successful check, you will then receive an invitation link for connecting to

How does the 2-factor authentication work?

Every time you log in, you are asked to authenticate yourself using a second factor after entering your access data. You have to configurate this factor at the first time. Please install a compatible authentication app on your smartphone or tablet for this purpose. OTTO supports the apps Google Authenticator and FreeOTP Authenticator. After successfully scanning the barcode via the app, you will receive a six digits security code on your smartphone or tablet, which you can use and enter directly into the field below. Did you receive an error message? Please try to scan the barcode again. When using the FreeOTP Authenticator you also have to delete your profile/token in the app (3 small dots -> "delete"). Afterwards scan the barcode again (in the bar "Scan QR code" at the top). The person logging into the OTTO Partner Connect Portal must be the same person on whose smartphone or tablet the authentication app has been stored and configurated. You can create up to four users at the portal so your colleagues can also log in.


For more information, see the video on the 2-factor authentication.

What do I have to pay attention to during the legitimation process?

In order to successfully complete the connection to OTTO Payments, our own payment service provider, various steps are necessary. As a trusted partner, OTTO Payments takes over the legitimation check and then transfers your data to CRIF GmbH.

The legitimation check includes the following four individual checks:  


  • Creditworthiness
  • Company identification
  • Personal identification
  • Risk assessment

The legitimation check can be performed by a legally representing person of the company, such as a managing person. Within the scope of the identification of persons, the persons legally representing the company must identify themselves via video. The identification of authorized signatories is not sufficient. You can do this via various end devices (smartphone & tablet, computer & webcam).

Shipping & Returns

What settings can be selected in the shipping information?

You can use the shipping information to set which shipping service provider you work with and which shipping costs are incurred for each shipping type (parcel or forwarding agency). For freight forwarding goods, it should be noted that the shipping costs for the customer are made up of the standard shipping costs and the freight forwarding surcharge.

Which carriers can be used?

We offer our merchants at an uncomplicated and simple shipping and returns process for their products via various carriers within Germany. For outbound shipping, you can use the carriers DHL, DHL Express, GLS, Hermes, UPS and DPD. For your returns, you can only use DHL, GLS and Hermes at the moment. A shipment tracking must always be guaranteed.
For shipping goods, you can use a shipping company of your choice.

How does the returns process work?

If a customer wants to send a return, this must first be registered via the customers account. To do this, the customer clicks on "Return" in the "My orders" area for the relevant item, selects a reason for return and registers the return under "register return". OTTO now generates the return label from the data you have provided and makes it available for 14 days in form of a PDF. The shipping confirmation must therefore contain the parcel number of the return (Return-Tracking-Number).

Customers can print the return label themselves, stick it on the parcel and send the return.


For more information, see the video on the return process.

What is the Return-Tracking-Number?

The Return-Tracking-Number is the tracking number of the return. Each parcel receives a tracking number as well for the delivery to the end customer as, in the case of a return, for the return journey to the seller.


For more information, see the video on the return tracking number.

Why does OTTO need the Return-Tracking-Number?

The Return-Tracking-Number is used to create the return label and to track the return. Each parcel also needs a tracking number for the return to verify that it arrived back at the seller.


For more information, see the video on the return tracking number.

Is the return Return-Tracking-Number chargeable?

The Return-Tracking-Number is not subject to a charge.
The costs are only incurred when the return label is actually used, i.e. a return takes place.


For more information, see the video on the return tracking number.

Is it possible to send products in a letter?
Small-volume products cannot be sent in a letter, but you can use merchandise mail (Warenpost). It is possible to transmit the tracking number of the merchandise mail by means of the shipping type parcel.

Billing Process

What is OTTO Payments and how do I benefit from it?

OTTO Payments GmbH is OTTO‘s own payment service provider. We offer payment processing between customers and sellers from a single source: OTTO Payments bundles and manages all payment activities for OTTO Market. This enables customer-friendly payment processing for purchases on the marketplace and in the future convenient payment through just one payment process, even if purchases are made from several partners. This gives our customers a more uniform check-out and a better overview of their bills and installments. In addition, OTTO Payments assumes the customer’s risk of payment default for our partners. 

What payment methods are available for customers?

The following payment methods are available: purchase on account, advance payment, paypal and payment by installments. We are planning to add more payment methods in the future.

How does the billing process work?

In addition to payments customers make to you, your monthly fee and any commissions are also important parts of billing. With us you will benefit from a billing process which bundles all these components together.

We deduct your expenses from your revenues, so all expenses are covered. In the future, bookable services or promotions will also be billed using this process. This keeps the billing process as simple as possible for both you and us.

When will I get my credit paid out?

Your balance will be paid out weekly, always on Thursdays, with a due date of 14 days. 

Services & Service Providers

What marketing options are available on OTTO Market?

You can use various marketing services to increase the visibility and sales of your products on enormously.

Currently, you can book these marketing services primarily as a managed service via OTTO Advertising,'s central marketing unit. This means that you are advised, receive an offer and, if you accept it, the booking of the service is taken care of for you. You will then receive a detailed report. Advertising formats that you can book in this way include Sponsored Product Ads (SPA), InShop Promotion and Audience Extension. We recommend booking SPA at the beginning, so that you can quickly achieve a high visibility of your products, stand out from your competitors and directly increase your sales. Parallel to this, there is also a marketing service that is completely available in self-service in the partner portal OTTO Partner Connect: Sponsored Display Ads. Here you can easily book high-reach online campaigns yourself with just a few clicks. These are then played out in a network that includes known online advertising environments relevant to the target group. For this you also receive a reporting.

For further information or questions on the subject of marketing, please contact OTTO Advertising.

Does OTTO offer protection against online fraud?

Yes, because your customers are also customers on, which means they have passed a credit assessment. This is how we ensure that your customers pay their dues.

Which technical service providers can or must I use?

As a retailer on OTTO Market, you have the option to work with other service providers with whom we are currently also partnered. This option is not compulsory, but simply offered to assist you with your marketplace activities and make selling on faster and easier. If you are interested in such a cooperation, please see the overview of service providers we already work closely with. Of course, cooperation with other service providers is also possible.


What role does sustainability play in the marketplace?

For more than 30 years, we at OTTO have combined economic goals with sustainability and social responsibility. This has not changed with the transformation to a platform and the establishment of the marketplace. We have high standards for our merchants in terms of fair production conditions and high requirements for our products in terms of quality and safety. These requirements apply as the scale for all products on and, accordingly, we also place high demands on our partners.

What goals does OTTO set in terms of sustainability?

Our goal is to make sustainability a matter of course and that is why we promote fair consumption and sustainable action. We specifically look for partners with sustainable products and offer them increased visibility on the platform. In our sustainability strategy, we focus primarily on the following fields of action: Climate Protection, Materials & Products, Packaging, Circular Economy, Supply Chain and Compliance & Policies. 

When can merchants call themselves sustainable?

Merchants can call themselves sustainable if their product range contains at least 10% sustainable products and consists of at least 20 products.

When does a product receive the sustainability badge?

To be labeled with the sustainability badge, a product must meet the following criteria:


  • Refraining from the use of genetically modified seeds and nanotechnology/coating
  • Labeling of the article with at least one of the seals available for sustainable products in compliance with the defined conditions
  • Minimum content of sustainable material of 30% or 20% in the case of recycled products
  • Proof of sustainable improvements by means of certificates

An overview of the sustainability seals can be found here.

Feedback & Complaints

How can I submit a formal complaint?

A high standard in all our services as well as a fair cooperation based on partnership are our focus. If you do have a reason for a complaint or criticism, please do not hesitate to contact us. OTTO-Market-Support gratefully accepts your concerns and will examine them immediately. To submit a complaint or criticism, please proceed as follows: 


1. Create a ticket in the Partner Help Desk and select "Feedback" (subcategory "Comment, Praise, Criticism") as the category for submitting feedback. If you would like to submit a complaint, please select the category "Legal violation" with an appropriate thematic subcategory (e.g. OTTO Terms of Use, Technical Problems, Sanctions, etc.). 


2. In the subject line, please tell us the topic, such as one of the above-mentioned examples of use. 


3. In the field "Description" please describe your request. 


As soon as you send your request, a corresponding ticket with an associated number will be created, through which we will contact you. The more information you provide about your request, the faster and easier the subsequent review will be for us. After receiving your request, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours (working days). 

How many formal complaints have already been submitted?

The following table is intended to give you an overview of how many complaints/criticisms were submitted to us in the period June 2022 - June 2023:

CategoryNumber of complaints/criticism submitted
Billing Process3
Product Data Management1
Sanctions & Other Conduct by OTTO3
Support Availability & Functions7

All complaints/criticisms were examined in detail and resolved in full. The average processing time for an inquiry (from receipt of the inquiry to the final response) was 5.3 days. The processing time depends on various factors such as the scope of information, clarification of the facts and any queries.

How can I report a compliance breach?

In 2020 the Otto Group introduced the new whistleblower portal SpeakUp, which integrated a digital channel into its whistleblower system. SpeakUp offers everyone the opportunity to report suspected criminal activities and compliance violations in the Otto Group. Messages can be given anonymously. An internal mailbox within SpeakUp enables, even anonymous, whistleblowers to exchange messages with the recipient. No information, such as your e-mail-address or IP address, can neither be traced nor read. Here you will find the link to the new 


SpeakUp portal: