Transparent and simple: our billing process 

As a retailer we know an easy billing process is worth its weight in gold. That’s why it’s important to us to offer a streamlined, reliable billing model. After all, we want you to focus on selling your items, not how and when you will be paid. So what exactly does that mean for you?


First things first, you don’t have to and in fact cannot use your own payment service. We will handle it and take the work off your hands! Another advantage is that your buyers will have already passed a credit check. You can rest assured that your invoice will be paid and you’ll receive your money.


Speaking of invoices, you can of course use all the payment options available on In addition to buying on account, your customers can also use advance payment, credit card and instalment payments. On account and instalment payments are very popular among customers.

Your billing advantages

No separate payment service required

Customer credit check included

Payment options: On account, advance payment and credit card

Instalments available

How the billing process works

In addition to payments customers make to you, your monthly fee and any commissions are also important parts of billing. With us you will benefit from a billing process which bundles all these components together.


We deduct your expenses from your revenues, so all expenses are covered. In the future, bookable services or promotions will also be billed using this process. This keeps the billing process as simple as possible for both you and us.

Receipts and disbursements 

In our partner portal OTTO Partner Connect (OPC), in which you can actively manage your marketplace business, you have an up-to-date overview of your payouts at any time. In these, fees and commissions are offset directly and displayed transparently.


One factor that is important for you as a retailer is that we also provide access to customer receipts in OPC. OTTO will create these end customer receipts on your behalf and will use the details you have entered in your company profile. Customers can then view these purchase receipts or refund receipts in their customer account and thus track their purchases. 


We also offer the option to have your credit balance paid out weekly. Credit balances are typically made available after 30 days. They are released for disbursement at the end of the return period plus a brief grace period.

Receipts and disbursals