Important to know

Before we can welcome you to as a merchant, we would like to provide you with some more important information. One of these is the terms and conditions for selling your products on We will also give you a brief overview of fees, commissions, as well as the shipping and returns process.

Requirements for merchants 


Selling on our website requires you have a business in Germany with a German legal form and a German tax ID.


As a retailer on you are the actual merchant interacting with the end customer.

Customer service

You must offer your own customer service in German for any questions customers may have.


Retailers handle shipments to end customers and returns through a German warehouse. 

You meet our requirements?

Product Ranges 

Please note that currently we will not be able to show every single product range and certain product ranges will also not be offered in the future.

Product Ranges 

Currently you can sell products on the following assortment areas on


  • Drugstore: beauty, drugstore & supplements
  • Electronics & Media: office supplies, electronics, major domestic appliances, home appliances, small kitchen appliances, personal care appliances and technology accessories
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: clothing (incl. accessories), luggage & bags, jewellery, footwear and watches
  • Furniture & Living: kitchen & household goods, lamps & lighting, mattresses & bedding accesories, furniture, rugs, window shades & curtains, home accessories & decoration and home textiles
  • Garden & DIY: bathroom, DIY, electrical appliances, garden, small hardware, pet supplies and tools & machinery
  • Health: This includes products from the area of everyday medical aids
  • Sports & Leisure: baby accessories, craft, e-bikes, childrens furniture & mobility, musical instruments, toys, sports equipment & outdoor and bicycles & bicycle equipment

For a detailed list of which product groups from the above product ranges you can already offer on OTTO Market and which are currently not yet available for sale, please refer to our assortment overview.

Not allowed

Based on our values, the following products or merchants are excluded from sale on 


  • Ban on sandblasting in all product groups (unless there is no contact with quartz sand).
  • Ban on PVC in packaging and textiles
  • Ban on real fur
  • Ban on angora and mohair wool
  • Ban on fluorescent tubes
  • Requirements on leather & furs
  • Requirements on feathers & down
  • Requirements on sheep wool and other animal species
  • Requirements on wood


For further information please see: 


List of prohibited products


Business Partner Declaration on Sustainability

Fee & Commission 

When you become a retailer on, we offer a simple, transparent fee model. You  pay a monthly base fee of 39.90€ and a market-based commission on sold items. The base fee applies after you have concluded the contract with us and you are technically able to sell products on The contract can be terminated at any time with one month's notice to the end of the month. 
The commission varies depending on the product group. For more detailed information about each product group and what commission applies to them, see the assortment overview.

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In our step-by-step guide, we will take you through the registration process at OTTO Market.

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Service provider

We offer you the option of working with service providers with whom we are currently also partnered. 

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