Are we a good fit?

You would like to sell on Certain requirements are necessary for this. To find out whether you meet these, we have put together this short checklist for you. If you meet all the requirements, you can register as a seller for the marketplace and soon start selling on

You meet the following requirements:

Your company has the German legal form of a company and your registered office is in Germany 
(excluded are small entrepreneurs according to ยง19 UStG)

Your company has its own German VAT ID;

Organizations with a common VAT ID cannot be connected or the VAT ID of the controlling company cannot be used

You act as a seller to end customers

You offer a German-speaking customer service

You ship from a German warehouse
All orders and deliveries can currently only be carried out within Germany. The processing of returns must also take place in Germany

You sell products with a standard VAT rate of 19%

Shipping & returns process requirements for parcel goods:

  • You use one of the following shipping service providers for your parcel goods: DHL, GLS or Hermes. DPD and UPS can only be used for the outbound leg. For the way back DHL, GLS or Hermes are obligatory.
  • You can already transfer a shipment number for the return route to us when sending your parcel goods. (You can find more information about this in the video about the return shipment number)
  • You do not use graduated shipping costs
  • You offer only new goods

You can use a forwarding agent of your choice for the handling of forwarded goods and you do not have to provide a returns shipment number.

Requirements for your products:

  • You sell products with a standard 19% VAT rate. Products with 7% VAT cannot be offered through the marketplace yet
  • Your products have an EAN

You offer products from one of the following product ranges:

  • Drugstore: beauty, drugstore and erotica
  • Furnishing & Living: Kitchen & Housewares, Lamps & Lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories & Decoration and Home Textiles (incl. Bedding)
  • Fashion & lifestyle: clothing (incl. accessories), suitcases & bags, jewelry, shoes and watches
  • Garden & Home Improvement: Bathroom & Sanitary, DIY, Electrical Installation, Garden, Small Iron, Pet Supplies and Tools & Machinery
  • Health: This includes products from the area of everyday medical aids
  • Sports & Leisure: baby accessories, handicrafts, musical instruments, toys, sports equipment & outdoor and two-wheelers & accessories
  • Technology & media: electronics, household electronics, stationery & office supplies and technology accessories

For a detailed list of which product groups from the above product ranges you can already offer on OTTO Market and which are currently not yet available for sale, please refer to our assortment overview.

Minimum requirements for your production and excluded products

You meet these minimum requirements for your production:

  • Ban on sandblasting of textiles
  • Ban on Uzbek cotton
  • Ban on real fur
  • Ban on angora wool from angora rabbits
  • Ban on mohair from angora goats
  • Ban on fluorescent tubes containing mercury
  • Requirements on leather & furs
  • Requirements on feathers & down
  • Requirements on wool
  • Requirements on tropical wood and endangered species

We exclude these assortments / suppliers from sale:

  • Pornography, escort service, prostitution, sex tourism
  • Military / weapons industry (except hunting and sport shooting supplies)
  • Providers of gambling services incl. poker and bingo
  • Providers of pay-per-call services (e.g. 0900 numbers)
  • Providers of content that glorifies violence or drugs
  • Trade in real fur, angora wool from angora rabbits and mohair from angora goats
  • Dog collars with electrical impulses, spray function, ultrasound, barbs and spikes

For more information, click here:

List of prohibited products and Declaration on Sustainability.

These minimum requirements are necessary for every trader.

However, if only your assortment is not yet available or you do not yet meet all the formalities, you can still register. We will notify you as soon as you can be included in the marketplace.