Coming soon: How to register for OTTO Market 

We open our marketplace step-by-step for new partners and check all inquiries personally and in detail. 
After registering at and provided you meet all the necessary criteria, we will e-mail you with your OTTO Partner Connect login details. Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through this future process.

Step by step instructions 

1. Registration

After receiving the invitation link you can register for OTTO Market.

Screenshot of registration form

2. Confirmation

Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with your login information for OTTO Partner Connect and will then be able to log in.

Screenshot from registration form

3. Company profile

First of all, we will need your complete company profile.

Screenshot from company profile form

4. Contract

After completing the company profile, you will be entering into a contract with us – completely digitally. Simply click on the link “Platform terms of use” to read the contract. The “Payment services contract” link will redirect you to the contract with Hanseatic Bank to accept customer payments on our platform.

Screenshot from contract process

5. Let's go:

Once you have clicked the button, you’re nearly finished and only need to configure a few settings before you can start selling.

First comes the eligibility check required for all of our marketplace partners. Some of these are verifications required by law:


  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) – verifying business data and identifying the company’s legal representative to prevent money laundering and financing terrorism (EU AML Directive)
  • Retailer verification – verifying your tax ID to prevent tax losses due to online sales (BMF publication)
  • Credit check


We will also need:


  • Information about shipping & returns
  • Payment information (B2B)
  • Information about you as the merchant on
Screenshot from final steps

6. Dashboard

The dashboard shows the status of the eligibility check. If you passed and have filled out the other details, you can start adding your items.

Screenshot Dashboard

7. Managing items

To add your items to the product range, you will need to add them in OTTO Partner Connect. You can either add the items manually using the partner portal or upload all the product details to using API.

Screenshot of managing items