How to sign up for OTTO Market 

We currently still process all requests individually and check the basic requirements and basic capabilities for each retailer. We do this to offer you a fair marketplace of high quality. As soon as you have registered as a seller on and provided you meet all the necessary criteria, you will receive an e-mail from us with the login data for our partner portal OTTO Partner Connect.  Our step-by-step guide will take you through the registration process.

Step by step instructions 

1. Registration

Register as a seller for OTTO Market using the registration form.


We check the basic requirements and capabilities for each retailer before we enable a connection to We do this to offer you a fair marketplace of high quality. Your registration is without any commitment.


After your registration, you will be notified by us how things will proceed for you.

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2. Access to OTTO Partner Connect

If you meet all the basic requirements, you will receive an e-mail with your login data for our partner portal OTTO Partner Connect and start the connection.


In order to protect the use of the partner portal and the data that can be accessed there on a user-specific basis, authentication is required to confirm the identity of the individual user. In this way, you are protected if someone else tries to log in with your login data.


Every time you log in, you have to authenticate yourself with a second factor after entering your login data. You have to configure this factor the first time.

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3. Connection

When you first log in to the partner portal, you will receive an overview of the next steps and a list of the information we need from you for a successful connection.


Throughout the process, you can see at the top of the page which step of the connection you are currently in.

Screenshot from company profile form

4. Company profile

First of all, we need your complete company profile with the most important information about your company.

This information is used to provide you with a contract offer.  


Depending on the legal form selected, you will be asked to enter information specific to that legal form.  


We then match the data you entered in the company profile with the data stored at the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).

Screenshot from contract process

5. Contract

After completing the company profile, you will be entering into a contract with us – completely digitally.

A total of three contracts are concluded. The „Platform terms of use” contain the contractual regulations for selling on the marketplace. The link "Payment services contract" leads to the contract you conclude with Hanseatic Bank to accept customer payments on our platform.


OTTO is currently taking the next step by establishing its own payment service provider in order to be able to process and control all payment activities independently. Therefore, the confirmation of a second "Payment services contract" is necessary in the course of the connection.

Screenshot from final steps

6. Merchant information & Legitimation

Once the contracts are completed, the merchant information and legitimation checks follow.


The dashboard shows which steps you still need to go through, and which steps have already been completed.


Merchant information includes:


  • Information about shipping & returns
  • Payment information (B2B)
  • Information about you as the merchant on
  • Verification of your sales tax identification number
Screenshot Dashboard
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7. Legitimation check Solaris Bank

All OTTO Market partners must pass the legitimation checks.


As a marketplace, we are required to conduct a money laundering prevention check for each partner.


The verification is carried out by Solarisbank AG.

Screenshot of managing items

8. Contract conclusion & legitimation check with OTTO's own payment service provider 

Due to the establishment of OTTO's own payment service provider, the conclusion of a second "Payment services contract" and a second legitimation check is necessary.


The legitimation check by OTTO can only be started when all other steps have been completed.

Screenshot of managing items

9. Let`s go

If all checks were successful, you can start maintaining your items.


You can either add the items manually using the partner portal or upload all product details via the OTTO Market API.

Screenshot of managing items