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Over 45 years of experience in receivables management for e-commerce as a subsidiary of the Otto Group

Analytical methods, self-learning systems and experienced employees achieve the best result

Tailored customer communication - from contact channel and timing to the right tone

Maintaining a sustainable customer relationship

High usability along the customer and client journey

Pay digitally in just a few clicks on the EOS service portal

Company profile

As a subsidiary of the Otto Group, EOS has been processing receivables from distance selling since 1974. 


Today, EOS combines the best of both worlds: Decades of expertise and experienced employees* working hand in hand with analytical processes, AI and agile transformation.


We follow a clear Corporate Social Responsibility line, where we are committed to sustainability in environment, finance, processes and recovery.


We make the customer journey personal and easy for your defaulting customers. This includes the EOS service portal, where nine digital payment methods (e.g. Paypal, Apple Pay and Sofort), partial and installment payments, 24/7 contact and live chat are available.


We specialize in large portfolios of debt purchase and trust collections. In our processing, we rely on digital collection processes, communication at eye level and the expertise of our qualified employees. 


As a client, you can benefit from our experience in the collection of small receivables and in contacting unknown non-payers or those who have moved abroad. 


In addition, we offer classic services such as doorknocking and reminder telephony. 


As a client, you can use EOS Space, our client portal, for digital and efficient cooperation with EOS: a clear overview of receivables, central exchange of documents and fast communication with your EOS contact persons. The user-friendly self-service functions are accessible 24/7, secure and data protection-compliant.

Your contact at EOS Germany

Frank Textor, Assessor
Tel: 040 2850-1941